If you’re encountering errors in your games, you’ll find tutorials at to help you figure them out. I’m by no means an “expert” on Minecraft, but the things I’ve learned so far will also be helpful to you. It’s a new morning, the first day of the new universe. Everything around you is a crazy, unique character, and even you can’t wait to get to the end and hack, dig and slash your way through it. And you do. But after spending a few nights huddled over your bucket of dirt, shivering by a lantern while zombies moan a few feet away, you start to think of a more substantial structure.

Set Up Your Base Near Spawn Point

using a PC

One of the first tricks I discovered when I started Minecraft was to build your base, house, or castle in or very close to the region you start from. Unfortunately, at this point, there is absolutely no way to change the spawn point in alpha mode, so every time you die, you are dragged to the same place. There are two big reasons for this: advantage and safety. In case you have completed something important when you die, you will probably still need it.

Sometimes you will want to take something with you, perhaps a sword or even some torches. Instead of respawning, finding your way to your foundation, and then retrieving your pearl ores, it is much easier to start directly from the foundation where your stuff is readily available. Then, if you get lost, it is easier to return to an emergence point. Considering safety, it is always better to spawn in a safe place. If the landscape is full of competing animals and you have absolutely nothing to protect yourself, even a short walk to your foundation after spawning can be death. Remember that you want to retrieve the things you lost, but if you have to fight zombies with your bare hands the whole way, your progress will be severely compromised.

Simplify Your Home


They’re aesthetically pleasing, renewable, and easy to mass-produce: one extra block makes four boards. Unfortunately, I wanted to store them in a boot for later use, so I returned and punctured the torso. The lava spread across the floor, killing me instantly. As my respawn level was some distance away in my house (I had also made this mistake), I rushed back to my house too late, only to find a fireball where my house was. If you’re going to work with lava, make sure you don’t walk on it.

Keep it entirely in your inventory, so you don’t accidentally roll in it. If you are using wood to build a structure, try hard not to get lava into it. It can be a fantastic idea to have an area of non-combustible substance use lava, particularly if you plan to build an obsidian farm. Chimneys are a further hazard if they are not correctly installed. Finally, a burning log can ignite materials a few blocks away, building a fire pit wall. With a few construction instructions, a simple fire pit can be made Remove a 3-block-wide section of your wall base.

Dig a hole 3, 1 area deep, with the centre coinciding with the end of the bottom of your wall. Leave a hole in the centre where you will later place a log. Build a semi-open tube where your house will move, using five fireproof fabric cubes per layer, leaving the three front areas open. For the surface, please make the following three rings and then build them into your roof. This will ensure that flames don’t jump over the edges of your chimney and cause something.…