An Overview of the Netflix App


Netflix application for iPhone is one of the top 100 apps in Apple’s App Store. Besides, iPad and iPod touch consumers can access the Netflix for iPhone program, which gives users the ability to watch the same movies and TV shows right on the iPhone. This instant streaming program for iPhone is free for consumers but requires a Netflix subscription to use its features. Many people install Netflix so they can watch different series of movies. One of the most fun series you can find on Netflix is the letdown. Here is an overview of the Netflix app.

About the App

The program requires users to register for their Netflix account before downloading and using the program. The simple account allows users to rent one DVD at a time, which is delivered to the user’s home, and allows users to watch as many movies and TV shows as they want on their PC. However, to use the iPhone program, the subscriber must subscribe to this unlimited plan after the trial period ends. Also, if users want to watch these movies and commercials from different devices, they have to subscribe to this unlimited plan, which can be more expensive.

Video Playback Feature

Laptop Video playback with the Netflix app for iPhone is possible through both 3G Wi-Fi and the service’s support. Those who do not have infinite data plans should look for Wi-Fi. Otherwise, they will incur huge overcharges on their bill. But in the case of the 3G system, remember that buffering movies is always compared to Wi-Fi, which goes on smoothly; no streaming or other hiccups. With this program, users can continue from where they left off if they need to pause a movie halfway through playback. Also, if a phone call or text message is received in the middle of a movie, the movie itself fades out to alert the consumer. The consumer can decline or accept the message or call, and the program will pick up where it left off after the activity has been recorded.

Downfalls With App

Although the Netflix program has quickly become the most popular app for watching movies on the iOS platform, the program lacks a few different attributes that should be included since users must sign up for an unlimited account. For example, the program lacks some of the genres that are used when using Netflix at home. Also, users cannot sync their movie orders into the program. For example, users cannot watch the movies they purchased at home.

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